Bradley Woods forest trail.

The Black Lady is said to make her appearances in the woods of Bradley, Lincolnshire, England. She is described as a wearing a long black cloak with a hood that hides her hair but shows the onlooker her mournful face. Some have said that she is very pretty and stands about 5'6" tall.

Her StoryEdit

Like every ghost, the Black Lady has her own sad background. It begins with the War of Roses, when a young woodcutter along with his wife and baby boy strive to make a life within a small cottage in Bradley Woods. War, however, pulled the woodcutter from his family and sent him away to fight in the Earl's army, leaving behind his wife to raise their baby alone. 

Many months passed by and the woman heard no news of her husband. She began taking her boy and walking to the edge of the woods in hopes of seeing her husband riding over the horizon to her. As fate would have it, one day an enemy army began cutting through the land making it's way to Lincolnshire. As the woman was leaving her cottage, three men appeared. They brutally raped her and snatched the baby right from her arms and rode away laughing. Humiliated and heartbroken, the woman limped through the woods searching for the soldiers and her missing baby.  Shortly after her death, villegers began seeing her spirit wandering the woods, forever searching for her husband and her son. It is said that if one should walk into the woods on Christmas Eve and call out "Black Lady, Black Lady, I have your baby" she will appear to claim her child.


Nowadays, people tend to see a light floating along the paths, stopping momentarily to hover in the windows of vehicles. Others see a woman cloathed in black gluiding along the outskirts of the woods. It has been reported that she is seen crying and can often be heard waling in the distance. Not a person has been seriously harmed by this spirit so it is safe to say she is not hostile only filled with sorrow; doomed to walk the forests edge searching for the two things she will never get back.