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A computer edited photograph by an artist depicting what he thinks ghost may look like. -Credit to original artist

One of the most popular slumber party games that is circling around nowadays. Children and adults alike love the chilling thrill that this games brings and delight in daring each other into a darkened bathroom. 

The GameEdit

There are several versions to this game but all start in a darkened bathroom, usually lit with candles. One must then face the mirror and chant "bloody mary" three times. In some versions the ritual requires one to spin around a number of times or say "I believe in bloody mary," anywhere from 3 to 100 times.

The blood drenched image of a woman is said to appear. In some instances she is said to lash out and scratch out your eyes and in some cases your throat. In any case people who dare to perform this ritual have been known to run from the bathroom screaming.

The LegendEdit

The legend of Bloody Mary begins with a woman known as Mary Worth. It is said that she lived on a farm outside of the villege. A large barn sat on the property that she used to house her slaves. Now, Mary seemed like a normal woman to the towns people but, in fact she was quite the opposite. Miss Mary Worth, was a witch and the story goes she worshipped the Morning Star, Satan. It's said that she would sacrifice and torcher her slaves in dark rituals in front of a mirror. In some variations she even sacrificed babies. Finally the day came when the villegers became wise to her horrid actions and set out to hang her. Upon her death however Mary vowed to return from death to exact her revenge. 

Since then other families have moved into the old house, but can never seem to stay. Add to the fact the house has caught fire on several accations. The house and barn have since been torn down, and a new, modern structure has been built in it's place.