What appears to be the famous phantom.

Resurrection Mary is probably Chicago's most famous ghost. Her likeness is spread all over the Windy City through live accounts, media, and fan fiction.Mary is said to have long, blonde hair, and wear a flowing, white party dress.

Real Accounts of TerrorEdit

Mary has been sighted along Archer Ave. on Chicago's southwest side. She is said to be traveling from the O'Henry Ballroom (now known as the Willowbrook Ballroom). If some one stops to pick her up she will accept and give vague directions to travel along Archer. Finally, when they're passing the cemetary, the young woman will quite often dissapear from the car. In some cases, she has been seen darting in front of moving vehicles and getting hit. Upon further inspection however, Mary will dissapear either before or during the approach of the driver.

One of the most famous accounts accounts happend to a young man by the name of Jerry Paulus in 1939. He met a young woman at a dance. He shared dances with her, even kissed her, and would later discribe her as fridged and cold. Nonetheless, when she asked him for a ride home he agreed, traveling down Archer Ave. as she instructed when suddenly she told him to stop. Jerry did so with wild confusion and watched as she exited the car, ran across he street and right through the cemetary gates.

Another famous account happend in August in the year of 1976 when a passing motorist witnessed a young woman locked inside the gates after hours. He said she was gripping the bars as if she was trying to pull the gate open. He hurried on to the authorities who mobalized quickly. Upon there arrival however, no woman was in sight and the bars onto which she was grabbing told a story of their own. There, inbedded in the iron bars were the imprints of two human hands.

Mary's StoryEdit

Mary's story begins at a party with her boyfriend. Somewhere along the way they had gotten into a very bad argument causing the angered Mary to storm out and walk home alone. She was passing along Archer Avenue when she was suddenly struck by a vehicle. The driver fled and was never caught. mary died and was buried in Resurrection Cemetary wearing the party dress she loved. In some variations it is stated that the mysterious hit and run driver was none other then her boyfriend.