Kuchisake 451-3-

A depiction of the slit-mouthed woman that was taken from Japanese cinema

Also known by her Japanese name Kuchisake Onna, the slit mouthed woman is quite a terrorfying sight to behold and running into her is a sure sign of death for most. 

The LegendEdit

A young Japanese woman married a rather abusive man that did nothing but verbaly and physically abuse her from dawn to dusk. He was known for calling her ugly and shouting horrible insults. Quite often the poor woman would put make up and do herself up to look beautiful and ask him, "Am I pretty?" The answer was always a big fat no. The story varies a bit after that...

Tale 1 - In one version she grew tired of him and began a new relationship in secret. When her husband found out he took a pair of gardening sheers and cut a permanent smile from ear to ear.

Tale 2 - In another version thing are a bit different, painting the husband as the cheater. When his meek wife finds out she threatens to leave him. This throws the man into a huge rage and he cuts her a permanent smile.

Tales 3...ect - Of course there are still more wild much less popular stories. Most however, depict a meek young woman and a dark, and evil man whether it be husband or even father.

A Trail of Fear & BloodEdit

It is said that Kuchisake Onna wanders the streets of Japan, generally sighted in lonely places void of crowds and many people. She is said to wear a long, tan trench coat and a surgical mask. When she catches sight of you, she will follow, You will not be able to avoid her. It is said trying to run is usless, she will always be able to find you. When she does catch you however, she will ask you one question. "Am I pretty?" According to sources, you can give three types of answers.

Answer 1 - "Yes" In which case she will remove her mask revealing her hidously widened mouth. She will then brandish a huge pair of sheers and cut your mouth to look like hers.

Answer 2 - "No"  This will anger her, and she will use the sheers to stab you to death.

Answer 3 - The trick is to give a confusing answer. An answer to make her stop and think. Then and only then when she is distracted can you get away.

The fear of Kuchisake Onna was so great at one time that all the school teachers were forced to walk their students home after school and a curfew was put into place until the rash of killings went down in number.