A dipiction of what the creatures look like. This was drawn out by an artist named Rosemary.

Stiltwalkers, also known as Striders, Nein's, or Walkers are very unique creatures that are widly miss understood.


Generally this creature is depicted as being nearly 15 feet tall in height with very long, slender legs. Slick black fur covers it's body making it seem like a walking shadow lurking around the corner.  


Like people and animals, we have both good walkers and bad walkers in the world, each side behaving differently from the other.

Friendly Stiltwalkers - These Walkers can usually be found in family groups and most often just avoid people all together. If they are incountered they simply slink away making no attempt to have contact although, there have been witnesses that say a young Walker has stopped to stare at them and even follow them, curiously waiting to see what the human would do. 

Unfriendly Stiltwalkers - These Walkers will travel alone and have been known to attack, even follow people home. Witnesses say that the creature has killed members of their family and such. They have been known to run away on acation instead of attack. If you're lucky you won't incounter one of these.