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A depiction of the infamous spirit taken from japanese cinema.

A ghost most native to Japan. A sight to be straight out of a horror movie, she is quite a deadly foe to encounter.

Appearance Edit

Half of a woman, she is missing the entire lower half of her body. She crawls around on her hands or elbows creating a teke teke noise, hense her name.

She is said to carry a scythe or a saw that she uses to slice her victims in half. Some say that this action turns the victims into teke teke themselves while others say that her victims simply die.

The LegendEdit

The girl redused to teke teke was your average Japanese girl. That is until she fell on to a railroad (in some cases a subway) and the train ran over her lower half crushing it and tearing it away from the rest of her. Now the vengful spirit roams around in anger attempting to kill anyone it meets.

A seperate but simalar legend is that of a girl named Kashima Reiko. She was another Japanese girl who lost her legs on the train tracks. What makes this legend different however, is the fact that she is said to appear in the bathroom and ask you where her legs would be. You must then answer that her legs are at the Meishin Railway, and be ready to give a name when she then asks who told you. If you fail to give an answer at all or answer incorrectly it is said that she will rip your legs clean off.