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This photo of the Rake was taken from footage on the evening news. The original provider of the footage is unknown at this time.

A very mysterious creature to behold the Rake seems like something out of a science fiction movie. Devilish and dangerous it is not a creature one wants to meet in a dark ally.


Human like, the Rake is pale, and skin and bones It is generally seen hunched over or crouching like a child. It has no hair, sunk in, dark eyes and tiny or no ears. It's Lips are stretched into a long mouth that is said to reach around it's face with many sharp teeth laying behind them.

The LegendEdit

Accounts of this interesting creature go as far back as the early 12th century spreading over four continents. All the accounts were scarily simular each recalling a pale creature watching them and stalking. Others say that the creature spoke, giving the names of all it's would be victems. Still, other worse accounts speak of the creature simpley tearing people apart.

One recorded instance came from a married couple. They say they woke up in the middle of the night to find the creature in their bedroom, staring directly at them. It moved close until it was meerly inches away from their faces before darting out of the room. Sitting there dazed in shock for an undetermined amount of time, the couple came to when they remembered their daughter. Quickly the ran to her room only to discover the monster, blood drenched and standing over the girls battered body. Upon seeing the parents it turned and fled out a nearby window. The girl, bearly alive, summoned up enough strength to mutter the words, "He is the rake" before dying.