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An image of a White Lady

Have you ever met a a spectral woman gluiding along the roadside or a family plantation? If you have, then you might have run into a White Lady. 

The LegendEdit

The White lady is a type of ghost that takes the form of a woman, typically wearing a flowing white gown. She is generally linked with a horrible tradgedy, usually the betrayel of a husband or fiance and is normaly associated with a particular family.

A white lady spirit is found in rural areas, stalking through the grounds and such. Some have taken her appearance as an ill omen or a harbenger of death, similar to a banshee. 

Other StoriesEdit

There are many tales about these spirits circulating all over the world. It seems each country has plenty of their own ghost stories to share. Some have a woman commiting suiside at the lost of a loved one, or even killing her husband, his lover, and her own children before finaly ending it herself. In some cases she is even seen gluiding across the road only to get hit by a vehicle. There is such a wide variety of sitings each with it's own terrifying tale. These beautiful spirits it seems, are doomed to roam for years to come.